World Cup qualifying preview: South American (CONMEBOL) teams

CONMEBOL TableFormatOne group of ten teams, top four teams qualify, fifth place team moves to a playoff with New Zealand

Qualified: Brazil

Eliminated: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador

We are into the final  matchday of CONMEBOL qualifying, and with everything to play for. Only one team (Brazil) is through, while only three others (Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia) are eliminated. That leaves seven other teams fighting for three automatic spots at the World Cup, with one more playing off against New Zealand for a ticket to Russia. The dates for those matches are yet to be confirmed but they will take place in November and the first leg will be at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington. Following are the final day fixtures and let’s find out what each team has to do in their fixtures to qualify

Brazil vs Chile (Wednesday 11th October 2017 5.00 am)

If Chile win, they are in. If they draw, and Argentina do not win, then they qualify directly. (Barring a win from Paraguay with 7+ goals)

Paraguay vs Venezuela (Wednesday 11th October 2017 5.00 am)

Paraguay need a win and Argentina, Peru and Chile to lose. Or a win with a goal margin of +2 and Argentina to lose and Peru to draw with Colombia.

Ecuador vs Argentina (Wednesday 11th October 2017 5.00 am)

This one is a bit confusing but I’ll try and break it down.

  • Argentina can only afford a draw if Chile lose by 3+ goals and Peru beats Colombia by 2+ goals or Colombia beats Peru with any goal margin. And Paraguay do not win.
  • If Chile draws or Loses and Argentina win, Argentina have qualified directly.
  • If Peru and Colombia finishes level and Argentina win, then Argentina qualify directly.
  • If Colombia and Chile win, Argentina cannot qualify directly.
  • If Peru, Argentina and Chile win, then it will come down to goal difference between Peru and Argentina.

Peru vs Colombia (Wednesday 11th October 2017 5.00 am)

  • Peru can only qualify Directly with a win and a better Goal difference than Argentina (if level on points).
  • If Colombia win, they qualify.
  • If they draw and Argentina and Paraguay don’t win, then Colombia qualifies directly with Peru qualifying for the Inter-continental playoff.

Uruguay vs Bolivia (Wednesday 11th October 2017 5.00 am)

Uruguay are practically through unless they lose and Argentina make up a goal difference of 9.

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