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Becoming associated with EPLSL means you affiliate your business with a website that has more than 7000 views per month and also established itself strongly within the realms of Sri Lankan social media, with over 13000 Sri Lankan football fans on Facebook and over 800 fans on Twitter.

EPLSL is the only football website in the country dedicated to Premier League and International Football fans. Not only do we bring people all the news from the world of football but also constantly get to know the views & reactions of the Sri Lankan fans through Fan Blog articles and articles on Sri Lankan Social Media reactions to major games. Our writers and admins are Sri Lankans, and a large percentage of our readership comes from Sri Lanka.

There are a number of football advertising opportunities at EPLSL, which include the below.

1. Homepage Sidebar Top Ad – LKR 1500 or $10 per month

home page side bar top

2. Homepage Sidebar Middle Ad – LKR 1000 or $7 per month

 home page side bar middle ad

3. Article Sidebar Top ad (All articles) – LKR 1500 or $10 per month

 article sidebar top ad

 4. Article Sidebar Middle ad (All articles) – LKR 1000 or $7 per month

article sidebar middle ad

5. Article Top Ad (All articles) – LKR 1500 or $10 per month

article top ad

6. Article Bottom Ad (All articles) – LKR 1000 or $7 per month

article bottom ad

7. Sponsored Posts – Price depends on the posts

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more details.

8. Custom Campaigns – Price depends on the Promo

Custom campaigns were conceptualized for advertisers who yearn to reshape the frontiers of modern-day advertising. Our creative team will work closely with your team to develop and execute a campaign that would leverage the unique strengths of our web and social platforms.

By opting for a Custom Campaign, your brand’s visibility will be boosted by a fresh ad experience purpose-built for the digital era, with the possibility of going viral.

Promos we have conducted in the past with our Sponsors

  • Football Merchandise giveaway Promo conducted in 2015 along with AIA Insurance Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka’s Favorite Premier League Player of the year 2015 competition Sponsored by AIA Insurance Sri Lanka

If you’re interested to advertise on our website or to find out more details about our advertising please feel free to contact us at [email protected] .