The O̶N̶E̶ ̶S̶E̶A̶S̶O̶N̶̶̶ Wonder of Harry Kane

Harry Kane

Let me be honest upfront. I was not a fan of the guy. But the more I got around to watch Tottenham’s matches, the more it struck me.

Harry Kane is class. Period.

You’d say I’m exaggerating if I claim that Kane is the best striker in the league. Perhaps brand me for blasphemy if I say that even Kun Agüero cannot match Tottenham’s captain fantastic.

Well, here’s the deal. The thing about numbers, they don’t lie.

Kane since 2014/15

94 games
65 goals
9 assists
4 hat-tricks

So tell me, who is the best striker in the league?

The one season wonder has been turning it on. Season after season. His performance is up their with the best. I mean the very best. C’mon the guy is just 23! I think it’s preposterous that Kane is not even in his prime. You need to come out and admit it. He’s just damn good. I’m sure even Arsenal fans would love to have had him. Oh, just admit it Gooners.

The stats are impressive. We’ve agreed to that. Now let’s break it down.

Kane has been hitting 20 plus goals for the last three years running. After his breakout year in 2014/15, most, if not all of us predicted him to find it hard to match up to that. Then last year, he went on to claim the Golden boot and lead Tottenham’s impressive title challenge. This season, well, it seems to be a Xerox of the last ‘innit? Kane is at it again. Despite missing couple of months to injury, he heads the leading scorers chart. Kane is on course to have his best season to date. Along the way, he’s got Spurs in the hunt for the title. Again.

That’s who you call a captain.

The arguments of a one season wonder, penalty specialist, just a closer range finisher, not even England’s best have been devoured by ‘Hurri’-Kane.
Every match he gives you a run down of his attributes. The striker’s instinct and technical finesse he’s cultivated in training is on display. His finishing has been astute. From any where across the pitch, Kane knows to find the back of the net. Watch Tottenham’s matches and you’ll appreciate how much he makes the team click. It’s not just his hold up play. He makes those runs to draw out defenders to create the gaps for his team mates. Across the ninety, Kane will run and run hard at defenders. His team feeds on that energy. But the thing that strikes me most about Kane is his composure. He doesn’t let defenders get under his skin. But Kane bullies them with his play.

The captain leads from the front.

As a boyhood Tottenham fan who has risen through the ranks, there is no doubt that his connection to the club is total. Like any supporter, he wants the team to do well, first and foremost, and this comes through in his words and deeds. He is popular in the dressing room, partly because of his lack of ego — The Guardian

No fuss, maximum effort.

That’s the defining aspect of Kane’s game. The question that all seems to be asking is how long can Tottenham keep him there. Call me old fashioned, but I think Kane might want to stick around — at least for a few more years. The fact that he signed two contracts extension in as many years highlights his importance. The recent being last year, that would keep him at the North London club till 2022. Something great is brewing in at the Lane. Perhaps that all depends on how long Mauricio Pochettino plans to hang around.

Harry Kane celebrates

Kane has a formidable partner in Dele Alli. The duo is exciting up front. From their secret handshakes to lethal footballing skills, Tottenham are reaping the benefits of this partnership. We all agree that Dele Alli is going to make it big. Kane, at that age was nowhere near Alli’s level. But now the captain is truly in the league of big boys. Kane is a great figure for Alli to look up to. Not just in wanting to make it big or spending the hours to improve his game. But to keep a level head, to be a leader. He’s the one the youngsters look up to. If and when he choose to leave, Kane will no doubt walk out as a legend. Harry Kane is that man.

A few weeks back, Tottenham’s favorite son hit the 100 club goals mark at just 23. You know who else have done that at the same age in England?

Oh just these guys;

  • Robbie Fowler
  • Michael Owen
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Wayne Rooney
  • Romelu Lukaku

Kane has given his heart and talent to the club. He loves playing there. The fans love him for that. There are already calls for striker to break Alan Shearer’s all time scoring record. At this rate, sure. He just might go to fulfill the promise that Wayne Rooney couldn’t deliver for England.

So how long are you going to ignore the wonder of Harry Kane, the best striker in the Premier League?

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