Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0 Sri Lankan Social Media Reaction

Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

Manchester United beat Chelsea 4-0. Here’s how the Sri Lankan social media fans reacted during the match.

It was the opening game of the season and both sets of fans were looking forward to it with wishful thinking.

So who are the favorites before the game?

Chelsea started the game well apparently….

But it went upside down when Kurt Zouma conceded a penalty in the 18th minute

Rashford scores the penalty and it’s 1-0 United!

Followed by…..

Half Time it’s 1-0 Man Utd. Some halftime comments…

Some praise for Wan Bissaka from both set of fans

2nd half starts and not the brightest of starts for Man Utd

But few minutes later it was madness……

A slight dig at former players I see….

First Premier League game as manager for Lampard so Chelsea fans are chilled…

And in the 81st minute, it’s 4-0

Interesting question about the game this from a Man Utd fan

Finally, it ends 4-0 for Manchester United. Here are some full-time comments…

Last but not least some comments from our Facebook fans.

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