Chelsea 4 Manchester United 0 Sri Lankan Social Media Reaction

Chelsea 4 Manchester United 0

Chelsea beat Manchester United 4-0. Here’s how the Sri Lankan social media fans reacted during the match.

Well many expected a warm welcome & Chants for former manager Mourinho from Chelsea fans.

One minute into the game and Jose got a different welcome

Chelsea fan explaining that welcome to Jose in the first minute. Okkkkkkkkk………..

Well United fans didn’t like that start of course. But Umair sorry it doesn’t work like that

Some salt in the wound

Goal up in the first minute but that doesn’t stop the nerves

And BOOOOOOM goes the 2nd goal from Chelsea

Even the rival Arsenal fans loved it

Nope nope it’s not

Chelsea fans want morrreeeeeeeeeeeee………

Little bit late to realize that

2-0 up still this guy though

And then there was a harsh tackle from Luiz to Fellaini. Red Card mate?

Some halftime thoughts from the fans

2nd half starts and in comes mata! Welcome from both set of fans

Aaannnddddd there comes the third goal from none other than

20 minutes left but Man Utd fans have bigger problems to think

Then Kante Joins the party with the 4th

And this guy got his wish

And it was FULL TIME & what a game it was

Even the Rival fans had a dig at it

United fans thought they were missing something in the game badly


Last but not least words from our facebook fans


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