Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0 Sri Lankan Social Media Reaction

Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

Chelsea beat Manchester United 4-0 as Alvaro Morata seals deserved win with world-class header to leave Jose Mourinho’s Premier League title hopes in tatters. Here’s how the Sri Lankan social media fans reacted after the match.

Breaking News: He Survived

It was indeed a fantastic win for them after all the pressure on Conte

Wow Really?

Some contradicting tweets among United fans

Well this is something to be really concerned about for United fans

Isn’t it a bit early to say that?


Never change Arsenal Fans, Never change!

We all knew this tweet was coming, but, not from a United fan

Christensen had an excellent game last night and Chelsea fans had this to say

Ah yes this argument is not gonna end soon but at the moment Morata on top?

Mourinho’s Post match interview always sparks some tweets

What went wrong for United and what should be done?

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